Maintenance of children falls on the shoulders of both parents. They must support their children having due regard to their financial positions.
Often mothers carry this load alone but the thought and process of approaching the Maintenance Office is too daunting. We can assist in this process by going to the courts with you, analysing the financial assessment of the defaulting father, ensuring that you get what is fair.

Visitation, Custody and Access

Unmarried fathers are often not recognised as the fathers of their children. Access to the child is usually maliciously withheld to “punish him.”
We assist fathers in obtaining access and visitation rights to see their children.

Domestic Partnerships

South Africans have a choice whether to get married or live together without a binding marriage contract.
With the development of our laws, there have been various Supreme Court cases recommending the drafting of a Cohabitation Agreement for adults who prefer not to get married. We are able to assist in this regard

Divorce & Matrimonial Claims

Divorce is an emotional journey that often leads to depression, anxiety and stress. While we cannot avoid the inevitable where a marriage has irretrievably broken down, we compassionately assist in the process of terminating the matrimonial union in a sympathetic but objective manner, we try to reach the end as soon as possible.

We also assist with:

– Drafting of Antenuptial Contracts

– Matrimonial Property system advice

– Parenting Plan Agreements

– Drafting of Cohabitation Agreements

– Guardianship Applications