“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes” –Benjamin Franklin

Leaving a lasting legacy

The few that can leave a legacy are blessed. Unfortunately, this is a complex exercise that has to be carried out with diligence and requisite skill. This is where the skills and expertise of TMA are required. We make a holistic analysis of your current financial scenario, your future aspirations to create a bespoke estate plan that meets your needs.

Talking about death is never an exciting subject, often clients bury their heads in the sand, hoping that estate planning will take care of itself. In some instances leave this important exercise to banks that provide a one size fits all approach to all their clients.

A sound estate planning which starts with drafting will and a trust (where necessary) is an essential part of protecting your and your family’s future.
TMA has the necessary knowledge and experience to provide an estate plan that suits your individual needs and protects your family assets. We are experts throughout the process from drafting the Will, registering and administering the Trust to ultimately administrating the estate in the best manner possible, both from a tax and winding up perspective.

Legal Service

Personalised service

In our endeavour to deliver a personalised service to your family, we have a strategic partner in BESPOKE EXECUTOR SERVICES for a speedy, cost-efficient winding up deceased estates.

The services we provide in the wills, trusts and estate planning department include:
• Providing researched advice concerning your tax and estate planning solution
• We demystify trusts and make them understandable for the layperson
• Drafting Living Wills
• Doing a compliance audit on your existing trust deed
• Structuring your life policies in the most protected and tax efficient manner
• Calculate Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty possibilities
• Calculate the transfer costs and Donations Tax attached to moving assets to a trust

Why should you have a trust?
• Your minor children will not be exposed to financial complications of your estate
• You protect your assets from your creditors
• You preserve your wealth for the next generation
• You protect your assets from future marriages
• You avoid paying Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty
• A single parent protecting the death benefits from his or her life policy
• The trust beneficiaries have their interest protected from their marriages and creditors