In line with our blueprint of becoming the financial law attorneys of choice, we have strategically reinforced our tax department.

As an added service, we:

  • Provide effective tax structuring and planning;
  • Assist with personal tax compliance;
  • Assist with tax compliance for all Professional Services (Attorneys, Advocates etc.);
  • Assist with tax compliance for Small Businesses (rentals, salons, etc);
  • VAT registration and refunds;
  • Completion of ITR14 returns (All CPIC registered companies);
  • Do assessment reviews and lodging of Objections and Appeals;
  • Assist with SARS audit reviews;
  • Attend to your SARS tax debt;
  • Appear in all SARS tribunals (including Tax Ombudsman);
  • Appear at Tax Court and
  • Assist with Tax law opinions;