The Firm

Thabo Mantyi Attorneys “TMA” is specialised law firm focusing on fiduciary services and related areas.

We are passionate about personal financial planning, tax laws, long & short-term insurance, family law and financial services. Our experience spans over 18 years within blue-chip JSE listed companies

We are registered tax and fiduciary practitioners as well as skilled pension fund trustees.

Thabo holds BJuris, LLB degrees, Post-Graduate Diploma in Personal Financial Planning Law, Post-Graduate Diploma in Tax Law.

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Mom and child - Family law (Free Image)

Child & Family Law

We are able to assist with maintenance, Visitation; Custody and Access, Domestic Partnerships, Divorce & Matrimonial Claims.  We also help in the drafting of  settlement agreements.



The process is highly confidential and without prejudice, in other words what is said in the room cannot be used in a court of law.


Tax, Trusts & Estates

We are experts throughout the process from drafting the Will, registering and administering the Trust to ultimately administrating the estate in the best manner possible, both from a tax and winding up perspective.